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K.W.P.N horses !!!!


Hannoveraner .

"Hof Flieren"


J'Adore Ster Prok Zonik x Gribaldi Pref .

With Charlotte van de Steen Inter 2 amezone she doing very wel.

Breed from Wil & Suze Ton

Welcome to our site !!!!

We are Wil & Suze Tonk living in the Netherlands , we are a small professionel  breeder from K.W.P.N   Horses & Hannoveraner.

Breeding on a strong German and Dutch Foundation .

Breeding for the best  dressage horses with good charakter and rideability.

Our Horses and foals get the best care and love that they can have , our foals get Pavo Podo Care.

and Pavo start and the mare get Paveo Lac.

If you like more information please e-mail us.


Our phone  Tel 0481-424587

Enjoy your visit to our site !!!!

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Angie  Elite

Elite Keur prok  Z2 Sport Dressage

San Remo x Gribaldi Keur Pref

x Dilomat Keur



Love Me Do

Furst William x San Remo x Gribaldi Pref






Glock,s Toto Jr x Zonik x San Remo x Gribaldi Pref




J'Adore  Ster Prok

Foal from 2014

Glock,s Zonik x Gribaldi Pref

x Diplomat Keur  



Foals in the past 1

Jolene  & First Dance. & Pink Floyd & Fire Ball   & New Kid in Town & November Rain


Foals in the past 2

Grand Star & Floranc

 & Evening Star (Ster)


Foals in the pas 3

 Warsteiner & Easy Rider

Donna Summer & Dark Rose

& Hot Summer & Boheme Sport Dresage Inter 1



Foals in the past 4

Wind Of Change & ZZ

Top & Imagine  D.O c Glock,s Zonik Hauptstutbuch Wichby x San Remo x Gribaldi Pref & Wishby San Remo & Sandro Hit


Traing & Breeding program


About us








Love Me Do Prok wffs vry Furst Willam x San Reno x Gribaldi Pref 2 weeks under the sadle with Kiki Vissser.

It go very wel.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.


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