Welcom !!!!

To the foals in the past we  have breeding.

Evening Star !!!!


Evening Star Ster K.K.P.N  4 monhts  old born 29-3-2009.

She have a breeding fitnis 153 % .

And she have a very good trot walk and canter and a very good charakter.

Sire: Amzing Star (Flemingh x Ferro Pref x Donnerhall x Roemer Pref.

Dam: Angie Elite San Remo x Gribaldi Keur Pref x Diplomat Keur).

Undercover the ful brother from the mother from Amazing Star and go to the Olimpic games

in Londen with Edward Gal !!!!

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Evening Star Ster 3 years old by Marcel van Manen.

On this link you can see Evening Star on the mare show from the K.W.P.N in Ede she

by a Star mare and Marcel van Manen make her ready for this and we thank him for this.


And on the longe by Marcel.


Evening Star Ster K.W.P.N with Merel Peper she doing very wel !!!!

Evening Star Ster live by Barbara she looks very good  on gestut

Weidenhof and we thanks her give her a very good home.


Florance !!!!

Florance K.W.P.N  5 monhts old born 25-6-2010 !!!!

Live by Daniela Maraschini in Rome Italie and she have already Fire Ball from us !!!!

We thanks give her a very good and beautiful home home and she is happy with Florance.

Very beautiful and elegant top foal with a very good walk trot and canter

and very good charakter and very good pedigre and mother line.

Sire : First Class Oldeburger Florencio x Contender x Tin Rocco.

Hi come out the best mare lines from Paul Schockemuhle.

Dam : Symphony Z1 dressage Gribaldi Keur Pref x Diplomat Keur.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Florance 8 weeks old.

Florance 2 half year old by Daniela in Italie it go very good with her.

Film from Florance on You Tube by Daniela in Italy on this link.


Florance with her new born foal from Contendro 2015.


Grand Star !!!!

Born 19-4-2011.

Grand Star K.W.P.N  beautiful black mare 10 weeks old.

She have a special very good uphil trot canter and walk en very good charakter.

She have a breedign fiteness from 145% from the K.W.P.N.


She have a special very good uphil trot canter and walk en very good charakter.

Live by Gay Bergstom in Amerika she is very happy with her we thanks her giver her a

very good hom she train by Sue Springsteen.

Sire : Amazing Star (Flemmmingh x Ferroe Pref x Donnerhall.

Dam: Angie Elite Keur (San Remo x Gribaldi Keur Pref x Diplomat Keur).

New film from Grnad Star 3year old with Sue Pringsteen she doing very wel.


Grand Star K.W.P.N 4 years old in with Sue Springsteen

in Amerika.

She by a Keur mare and dit a very good Ibop proof and

she won the Ladressafe and by Champioen from the

first time the dide in the this class.

  Owner Gaye Bergstrom.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Grand Star with Gay Bergstom and Suze Springsteen and by Chamion

from the mares by the K.W.P.N mare Show.