J'Adore !!!!

J 'Adore Prok 2 weeks old born 26-4-2014.

She is a very special very good foal with a very good charakter  !!!!

Not for sale.

Sire: Glock,s Zonik ( Zack x Romanov x Don Schufro.

Dam: Symphony K.W.P.N Sport Dressage Z 2 Gribaldi Pref x Diplomat Pref.

Not for sale.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

 J"Adore on the K.W.P.N C.K foal Show in Ermelo.

She get the First Premie and the compliment for hwr good walk from the K.W.P.N

 J"Adore 4 months old.

J'Adore 15 months Year old.

J'Adore 18 months old.

J'Adore prok 3 year old by Marcel van Manen on the

open day.

J'Adore prok 3 year old .

J'Adore Ster Prok on the K.W.P.N mare show she by a

Star Mare !!!!

 J´Adore with Charlotte van de Steen Inter 2 amazone.

It go very wel with her.

 J´Adore with Charlotte van de Steen.

 J´Adore Ster Prok with Charlotte van Steen .



 J´Adore Ster Prok with Charlotte van Steen 2020 .




 J´Adore Ster Prok with Charlotte van Steen 2020 .

 J´Adore Ster Prok with Charlotte van Steen 2020 . .

 J´Adore Ster Prok with Charlotte van Steen .


 J´Adore by Charlotte van de Steen.

Born 17-6-2018 stallion foal  from J´Adore Star Prok

New born stallion foal Novem Rain  from Just Wimphof

and J´Adore Ster Prok Zonik x Gribaldi Pref.

J´Adore Star Prok with her faol November Rain.

November Rain 7 weeks old from J´Adore Ster Prok

and Just Wimphof.

Sold to a real Horse Dressage man.

November Rain 3 monhts old

 Ster Prok.

November Rain 1 year old by his new owner .

The are very happy with him


Parends from J'Adore.

Glock Zonik (Zack x Romanov x Don Schufro) with

Edward Gal on Chio Roterdam 2017.

Glock's Zonik wins the Pavo selection with 85 points in Ermelo with Hans Peter Minderhoud.

Film from Glock,s Zonik with Edward Gal on Indoor Brabant hi won for the first time the ST

Prix George .78.28 %.


 Champion stallion from Danmark with Andreas Helgstrand .

Fim from him on the J.B.K Show with Abdreas helgstrand.


And film with Adreas Helgstrand.


Glock Zonik (Zack x Romanov x Don Schufro) with

Edward Gal N.K in Ermelo .

And hi is by Champion Grand Prix Kur in Ermelo 2019 with Edward Gal.

Sire from J'Adore.

Symphony K.W.P.N Sport Dressage Z 2 Prestatie !!!!

Gribaldi Pref x Diplomat Keur.

She gif the Inter 1 Horse Boheme Sport dressage from Sorento and

Angie Elite Ibop Sport Dressage and Z2 dressage from San Remo and Z2 horse Wind Of 

Change from San Remo and Dark Rose from San Remo Z1 dressage.

Dam from J'Adore.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Little Heaven XX.

Hi is 3 times  in the mother line from Symphony Sport Dressage Prestatie.

Hi give the Int  jump horse Dudrum hi was 11 rimes jump Champion.

And hi get the Zilver medaille on the Oltpische Cames in Mexico.

And give the stroller and The Nugget hi jump over 2 mtr on the Olypische

Show on Madison Sqare Garden 1039.