Foals in the past !!!!

We have breeding.

Wind Of Change !!!!

Born 5-2009.

Warsteiner 4 months old Hannoveraner !!!!

Sire : San Remo Hannoveraner & K.W.P.N

( Wolkentanz 1 x Volturno x Azur ).

Dam : Hauptstutbuch Summersby Hannoverner

( Sandro Hit x Freiherr x Akzent 2 )..

Warsteiner the 3th. place on the foal show 1-6-2009 in

Ochtmannien from Hannoveraner verband.

Warsteiner live by Robin Beekink !!!!

 Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Warsteiner  Hannoveraan 4 year old with Robin Beekink.

Hi si a very beautiful horse with ver good walk trot and canter and wonderful

super charakter  very good to ride !!!!

On this link a film when hi is 4 years old !!!!

 Website from Robin Beekink.


Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Easy Rider !!!!

Born 3-5-2009 K.W.P.N.

Easy Rider K.W.P.N 3 days old

Live by Debora van Osch M dressage amezone .

We thanks her give him a very good home and we wish her luk in the

future in the dressage sport.

Sire : Painted Black ( Gribaldi Keur Pref x Ferro Preff x Officier.

Get the 3th place on the final on theGrand Prix in Las

Vegas the World Cup dressage kur on Music !!!!

Dam : Haupststutbuch Farinja ( Frenchkiss x

Rubinstein x Akitos xx.

Farinja get a 8 for rittigkeit on her

stutenpruffung in Hoya !!!!

 Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Easy Rider  K.W.P. N ZZ Zwaar dressage with Debora van Osch

Easy Rider  K.W.P. N ZZ Zwaar 2016..


Dark Rose !!!!

K.W.P.N born 20-3-2008.

Dark Rose K.W.P.N 2 weeks old.

San Remo x Gribaldi (Keur) x Diplomaat (Keur(.

She are a full sister from our mare Angie Elite Sport Dressage Preferent.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Dark Rose K.W.P.N 4 months old !!!!

Dark Rose Z Dressage live by Charlotte White

in Liverpool .

She is very happy with her she get the 3tr place in the competion.

Was First  Novice riding horse  at bakewell show 2016

in Engeland.


Dark Rose Z Dressage .

Boheme !!!!

K.W.P.N. born 25-5-2006.

Boheme Ster 4 months old.

Sorento (Sandro Hitx Donnerhall x Pikbube ) x Gribaldi (Keur Pref ) x

Diplomaat (Keur).

Live now by Mandy van de Hoek she is very happy with her.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Boheme Ster Sport Dressuur Prok Inter 1 and 2ths place 9-10-2016.


Boheme Ster Sport Dressuur Prok  and Inter 1 with the 2th place

9-10-2016 with Franka Loos..

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.


Nana De Boheme .

Boheme Sport Dressuur Prok  from Sorento x Gribaldi Pref get

a beautiful foal 2018 from For Ferreo by Franka Loos.

Florance !!!!

Florance 5 months old born25-6-2010 !!!!

Live by Daniela Maraschini and Renato  in Rome Italie and she have already

Fire Ball from us we thanks give her a very good home.

Sire: First Claas Grand Prix Olderburger Florencio x Contender x Tin Rocco.

He come out the best Mother line from Paul Schocke Mohle.

Dam: Symphony Sport Dressage Prestatie Gribaldi Pref x Diplomat Keur.

Florance 2 half year by Daniela and Renato Falici

in Italy .


Florance with her new born foal from Contendro 2015

Bella Rose by Renaro and Daniela Falici .

Bella Rose 4 year Contendro x First Class x Gribaldi Pref.

She get the first place for the moost beautiful horse.

And she won the Minpaaf Central taly Show jumping by the 4 year old

horses with Emanuele Addis.

And she won the 2019 Italian Master Class for 4 year old horses in Arezzo with

Emanuele Addis .

Breed from Renato and Daniela Falici in Italy.

J'Adore !!!!

J 'Adore Ster Prok 2 weeks old born 14-3-2014.

 J'Adore on the K.W.P.N C.K foal Show in Ermelo.

She get the First Premie and the compliment for hwr good walk from the K.W.P.N



J'Adore Ster Prok.

On the K.W.P.N mare Show from the K.W.P.N

and she by a Star mare .


 J´Adore Ster Prok with Charlotte van Steen 2020 .

For the first time on concours 23-2-2020 in

Liemde23-2-2020 and by L2 dressage with winning points

For the first time start M1 dressage and get winning points


 J´Adore Ster Prok Z dressage with Charlotte van der Steen

and 2 place in Westmaas 15-8-2020 in Portugaal.

We thanks her ridding her well.

 J´Adore Ster Prok Z dressage with Charlotte van der Steen

Get winning points in the Z dressage and 2 place in manege Westmaas

in Portugaal 15-8-2020.

 J´Adore Ster Prok Z dressage with Tessa van Os.

Live by Silvia Mitz Grand Prix amazone

in Berlin Germany it go very wel with her.


JÁdore Ster Prok Z dressage  Zonik x Gribaldi pref.

She live now by Sylvia Nitz.

JÁdore Ster Prok Z dressage  Zonik x Gribaldi pref.

She live now by Sylvia Nitz and get a faol next year .



Born  17-6-2018 foal from Just Wimphof.

J´Adore Star Prok  Z dressage with het foal November rain

from Just Wimphof.


November Rain from J'Adore Ster prok Z dressage .



November Rain .


November Rain 3 year old

hi live by a good amazone in Germany.