Foals in the past !!!!

We have breeding.

Wind Of Change !!!!

Born 5-2009.

Warsteiner 4 months old Hannoveraner !!!!

Sire : San Remo Hannoveraner & K.W.P.N

( Wolkentanz 1 x Volturno x Azur ).

Dam : Hauptstutbuch Summersby Hannoverner

( Sandro Hit x Freiherr x Akzent 2 )..

Warsteiner the 3th. place on the foal show 1-6-2009 in

Ochtmannien from Hannoveraner verband.

Warsteiner live by Robin Beekink !!!!

 Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Warsteiner  Hannoveraan 4 year old with Robin Beekink.

Hi si a very beautiful horse with ver good walk trot and canter and wonderful

super charakter  very good to ride !!!!

On this link a film when hi is 4 years old !!!!

 Website from Robin Beekink.


Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Easy Rider !!!!

Born 3-5-2009 K.W.P.N.

Easy Rider K.W.P.N 3 days old

Live by Debora van Osch M dressage amezone .

We thanks her give him a very good home and we wish her luk in the

future in the dressage sport.

Sire : Painted Black ( Gribaldi Keur Pref x Ferro Preff x Officier.

Get the 3th place on the final on theGrand Prix in Las

Vegas the World Cup dressage kur on Music !!!!

Dam : Haupststutbuch Farinja ( Frenchkiss x

Rubinstein x Akitos xx.

Farinja get a 8 for rittigkeit on her

stutenpruffung in Hoya !!!!

 Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Easy Rider  K.W.P. N ZZ Licht  dressage with Debora van Osch

Easy Rider  K.W.P. N ZZ Licht 2016..


Donna Summer !!!!

Hannoveraner born 21-4-2008.


Donna Summer Hannoveraner 3 months old.

Dramatic x Sandro Hit x Freiherr x Akzent 2.

 Live by Marisa Zwartjes she is very happy with Donna Summer

we tanks her give her a very good home and wish lots of luk in the dressage sport.

Breed fro Wil & Suze Tonk.


Donna Summer with  6  years old Marissa Zwartje,s  .

Get 2 winning points and 2 time the fisrt place.

Dark Rose !!!!

K.W.P.N born 20-3-2008.

Dark Rose K.W.P.N 2 weeks old.

San Remo x Gribaldi (Keur) x Diplomaat (Keur(.

She are a full sister from our mare Angie Elite.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Dark Rose K.W.P.N 4 months old !!!!

Dark Rose Z Dressage live by Charlotte White

in Liverpool .

She is very happy with her she get the 3tr place in the competion.

Was First  Novice riding horse  at bakewell show 2016

in Engeland.


Dark Rose Z Dressage .

Hot Summer !!!!


Born 2-2007.

Hot Summer 4 months old Hannoveraner !!!!

And live now by Marjolein ter Holter !!!!

Hotline x Hofrad (Gribaldi Keu Pref ) x Sandro Hit x Freiherr x Akzent 2.

Hot Summer have very good movements and very sweet character !!!!

The grand mother from Hot Summer are the St,Premie.St. Fancy,

she are olso 3 times the best in her class and best of the show !!!!

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Boheme !!!!

K.W.P.N. born 25-5-2006.

Boheme 4 months old.

Sorento (Sandro Hitx Donnerhall x Pikbube ) x Gribaldi (Keur Pref ) x

Diplomaat (Keur).

Live now by Mandy van de Hoek she is very happy with her.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.


Boheme Sport Dressuur Prok Inter 1 and 2ths place 9-10-2016.

With  Franka Loos.

She is  picture for O.C.D and  100 % O.C.D fry !!!!

Boheme Sport Dressuur Prok  and Inter 1 with the 2th place

9-10-2016 with Franka Loos..

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.


Nana De Boheme .

Boheme Sport Dressuur Prok  from Sorento x Gribaldi Pref get

a beautiful foal 2018 from For Ferreo by Franka Loos.