Foals in the past !!!!

Black stallion foal Samoa born 31-5-2022.

Sire Mowgli V.O.D Desperado x Jazz x Juventes x Rubinstein.

Dam Love Me Do Elite Ibop Dressage First William x San Remo x Gribaldi pref.

Samoa 24 day old.


Samoa 3 weks old.


Samoa 3 mondt old.
Samoa 4 half mondt old.

Samoa 5 moths old.
Hi live now by Tessa van Os .
We are happy hi is by a good stable and amazone.
Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Samoa 2 year old .
By Tessa van Os.

Passion born 10-4-2020  14 days old.

Sire: Kjento Negro x jazz Juventus x Rubinstein.

Dam : Love Me Do Ster Prok future Keur Furst William x San Remo x Gribalid Pref.

Breed by Wil & Suze Tonk .

Live by Vivienne Meijjer.

Passion 3 days old.

Passion 4 weeks old.

Passion 5 weeks old.

Passion 6 weeks old.

Passion 3 months old .

Passion 4 months old .

Passion 1 year old with Vivienne Meijjer

Novemberr Rain 6 days born 17-6-2018.
Sire Just Wimphof  from De Niro x Riccone.
Dam J'Adore Ster Prok Zonik x Gribaldi Pref.
Sold to a real dressage Horse man.
Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

November Rain 9 days old.

November Rain 7 weeks from J'Aadore Ster Prok
Zonik x Gribaldi Pref and Just Wimphof.

November Rain 3 months old .

November Rain 3 year old
Hi live in Gemany by a good amazone.
Breed from Wil 7 Suze Tonk.

Jolene K.W.P.N 4 days old born 26-4-2014.

Sire: El Capone K.W.P.N Ub 40 x OO Sevenx Saluut.

Dam: Hauptstutbuch Farinja Hannoveraner French Kiss x Rubinstein.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Jolene K.W.P.N .18 weeks old.

Jolene 16 moths old.

Jolene 2 half year old.

Jolene 3 year old.

Live by by a lady in Schotland..

Hauptstutbuch Farinja Hannoveraner.

She was a wonderful horse with a very good charakter we can talk to her

and she olso very good to ride .

The dam from Jolene she gif a 3th inspection stallion from Painted Black

for the Hannoveraner verband and hi is now Classe S and Easy Rider

out her from Painted Black can start ZZ Zwaar with Debore van Osch and First Dance out

her from Bordeaux go in the Pave Cup and thit won in the M2 dressage

with Marloes Lith.

Hauptstutbuch Farinja Hannoveraner with

Sandra van de Burg .

First Dance Prok stallion 3 months old K.W.P.N born 21-4-2010 !!!!

Hi have a very good trot with may souplesse , walk and canter and a super nice charakter for a

high ridebillty .

His is olso the half brother Pink Floyd came to the 3th stallion

inspection from Hannoveraner verband !!!!

In him pedigre are 2 sisters , the motherer  from Rembrant Adone 

and the mother from Rubinstein Antine and olso 2 time Donnerhall.

Sire : Borseaux (United x Gribaldi Keur Pref x Donnerhall x Rousseau)

Champion stallion from the K.W.P.N 2009 and the 4 th place on the W.K young dressage

in Verden 2012.

Dam: Hauptstutbuch Farinja  Hannoveraner ( French Kiss x Rubinstein x Akitos xx ).

French Kiss is selected for Europe Champion Ship Young Riders with

Laura Swaun 2010 !!!!

And hi was World Champion of 6 years old dressage horses 2004 !!!!

Walk 9.7 Trot 9.0 Canter 8.8 End note 9.16.

Rittigkeit 9.0.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

First Dance Prok on the first inspection from the K.W.P.N . 2 year 8

monhts old 168 mtr. on this moment. 

Stay of the moment on the stable from Sander Marijnissen on the stable owner Marloes van


First Dance with Marcel van Manen on the first inspection stallion show 8-12-2012 from the

K.W.P.N and get a special compliment from the K.W.P.N that hi have a very good Walk. 

We thanks Marcel train him very wel  on this link a film from him by the K.W.P.N first

inspection and hi is staying by Marcel van Manen and we thanks Marcel for the good care.

 And more information about Marcel van Manen on this link.

First Dance 6 years old Z2 dressage with

Marloes Lith.

Film from the Pavo Cup 4 year old.

M1 and get 2 winning pointsand the 1th and 3th place.

And she get in the M dressage 27-11-2016 the notes 219/225.

And hi is now Z dressage and get the first place in regio Champion

in Noord Holland.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk. 

First Dance ZZ licht with Marloes.

And hi by Vieze Champion in the ZZ licht

and go to the Netherlands Championschip


Pink Floyd !!!!

Born 12-5-2008.

Pink Floyd born 12-5-2008 2 weeks old !!!!

He have a very good charakter and very good  Walk , Canter

and Trot !!!!

Painted Black x French Kiss ( Florestan x Donnerhall ) x Rubinstein.

Painted Black won the Grand Prix 8-7-2-2010 in Falsterbo with 75 %

with Anky van Grunven.

There are 6 Int. dressage horses in his pedigre !!!!

Hans Bruning make him ready for the Hannoveraner hauptkorung 2010

2010 Verden hi get tru the 3th inspection stallion !!!!

We We thanks Hannes Bruning for the very good care and presends

from our stallion.

Pink Floyd live by Ida Gobel.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk.

Pink Floyd 3 months old.

Pink Floyd on the 2th stallion inspection 21-10-2010 in

Verden for Hannoveraner verband 2010 !!!!

Pink Floyd  on the 3 th stallion inspection 22-10-2010 in Verden

Hannoveraner verband

Pink Floyd Hannoveraner 183 mtr. with Isa Gobel !!!!

Hi doing very wel in the dressage hi is almost klasse S.

We thanks Isa Gobel give him a very good home.

A film from him with Ida.

Breed from Wil & Suze Tonk

Pink Floyd with Ida Gobel aL moost klasse S dressage.

Fire Ball !!!!


Born 11-4-2010.

Fire Ball 3  K.W.P.N weks old born 11-4-2010.

Sire : Statesman Oldeburger (Stedinger x Donnerschwee x Titus).

Dam: Angie Elite Keur (San Remo x Gribaldi Keur Pref x Diplomat Keur.

Live by Daniela Maraschini Rome Italie.

We thanks give him a very good home .

She is very happy with this foal !!!!

Fire Ball 4 weeks old.


Fire Ball  live by Renato and Daniella Falici .

New film from Fire Ball almost 3 year with Renato Falci.

Fire Ball with Renato Falici.


Fire Ball 8 years old hi can jump olso very good .